Colour trends for 2020 according to MoOD

The upholstery and wallpaper fair MoOD in Brussels opens September 11. They have released their colour forecast for 2020. What do you think?

The first trend palette they use is all about attention. Interiors will become like clickbaits. Attention, attention, attention. The trend is called Mendini and has gotten the name from Italian designer Mendini who used colour and humour – and fun is a big part of this trend as we will look for optimism.

From the Mendini gallery.

The Mendini chair for Cappellini.

Second trend is called Ulla. I think the whole colourscheme matches the Scandinavian design trend going on in most places of the world right now. The name derives from German designer Ulla von Brandenburg, a textile designer, a performer, a photographer and an artist.

Inspiration also comes from sneakers.

And why not from the installations by Dimore Studio that was shown in Milan this spring.

The last trend is called Womack and is aimed at the artistic globalist. This trend draws inspiration from what could be called Afrofuturism and promotes aesthetics with a soft revolutionary character. It is also characterized by a number of hybrid colors such as blue, apricot, green and purple together with lots of sandy neutruals.

Colour magazine Mix Magazine have complemented the palette with four schemes of their own. All exclusively for MoOD.

Here a colourscope that kind of reminds us of the trend called Womack.

A coloursope more with yellows and blue but with a strong nostalgic touch.

Yet another colourscheme that flirts with a toned down palette for relaxing ambience.

And finally a bright collection of colours with optimism and a bit of provocation.



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