Maison & Objet 2018 – part one

The biggest fair of the season has just happened. Maison & Objet in Paris. This is the place where we get to see a confirmation of trends for next year. I will do two (or three) posts from the fair this time. First out leaves, greens and purple.

Coming back from Paris I am filled with impressions and have seen millions of stuff. But when I look at my pictures from last year, the trends aren’t changing so much. I will make a whole separate post only about “nude colours” and Scandinavianism. I might also do a separate post about a new trend… I am still thinking about it. The frames aren’t set and it is a bit vague on the edges. Think Elvis Presley from the movie Blue Hawaii… Or Steve McQueen and Bullitt… We will come back to that.

So let’s start. First comment should be about all the palm leaves. Still?? I am so tired of this, but as a massmarket trend it is absolutely still relevant. At the fair I saw it mainly on walls but still. I am so done with large leaves. Just on a note – I am also sooooooo done with velvet. But velvet is everywhere. I might post some pics from that too. But everything is velvet. Sofas, easy chairs, poufs, cushions, rabbits, the legs of chairs… Everywhere.

Anyway, large leaves. I see this also as an example of how trends now are actually moving slower. Yes. That’s true. But I think we have reached some sort of limit of ho many trends we can get involved with.

I am so done with large green leaves.

Besides larger leaves I also noted how green is still on trend. Dark green, almost plastic or a 70s vibe.

And lots of green walls. Earlier this season, someone said that bluer hues should be the colours of 2019, but not so much in Paris. Much more green than blue. Even last year had more of blue than this year.

Yes, velvet. You will se tons of details with velvet…

So green… These two greenish pictures will be a nice move towards purple.

I have heard someone talk about this green and purple combination as some sort of extravagance. Perhaps a nice description. Dark and mysterious.

But purple is everywhere. Walls of course. And flowers.

And velvet furniture.

Or in details as this pillow. How much velvet can we take in??

And drinks? Just kidding but the purple is of course seen in various settings.

Purple walls


And finally a purple velvet rabbit. Not sure they managed to get the most trendy item of 2019 but is a nice try. Purple and in velvet.

Tomorrow I will continue my reports from Maison & Objet.

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5 years ago

Tack! Du e så härligt generös med dina iakttagelser. Kul att läsa