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I love craft. More than that I love contemporary and updated craft. And I love quirkyness. Those of you who see my Instagram feed can now and then see pics of things I like with for instance ceramics by Lars Renk with “I am not the Royal Copenhagen kind”. So when I found Folklore Company I asked them to see if we could make a Trendstefan collection together. And this is it.

Folklore Company is a company in Sweden doing both standard emboidery kits, but also finished products to hang directly on your wall. They are fun. I wanted to see if I could push the line a bit. So talked to them in late October and we worked on a few ideas. I made a list of appoximately 15 sayings. Things like “Bitter and better” or “Being busy is not a personality”. These are phrases I have come across over the last year. Bitter and better is a name of a store in Amsterdam. Love that.

I also love when we sing the wrong words to songs. It’s pretty common that we think we understand the lyrics of a song and it is actually a totally different saying.

So Folklore Company agreed to have me do three embroidery kits. Two with wrong lyrics to popular songs and one with more attitude. Do you recognise the songs? Of course it is Dancing Queen by ABBA and Like a Virgin by Madonna.

This is the new Trendstefan collection. Available at Folklore Company – or make your own embroidery. See this as an inspiration.

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