Stora Trenddagen 2018 – the summary

Every year for the last seven years, I have been announcing the lifestyle trends as I see them. I do this in a trend report and seminar called Stora Trenddagen. Now, at the end of the year it is time to summarize and see if we managed to get things right. This is the summary of Stora Trenddagen 2018. Very soon we will be organising Stora Trenddagen 2019.

When talking about an overview of 2018 I talked about how we would start to see anti-consumerism, change of behaviour with workspaces like WeWork and our constant fascination for food. And we wanted to make everything instagrammable.

Trend 1 – Westwood Effect

The whole #metoo movement started rolling out at the end of 2017 and I saw a huge need to protest and taking stand. We did not see a lot of statements in the interior world but posters, book covers etc all had saying about Girl Power, Prove them wrong or Make Myself Proud. Endorsing and encouraging.

I expected to see a lot more black and white, as in graphical details. But the result at the end of 2018 is that we saw some graphical details but not to much of that.

I also talked about red as being a protest colour, and internationally we saw a lot of red, but not in Scandinavia. Red was constantly a big part of the pattern scheme but together with other colours.

Trend 2 – CMYK Smack

Our interest in colour is increasing. We all know how the blue light in our phones affect our stress hormones. Several exhibitions at design institutions are working on the affect of colour in our homes. And Swedish National Museum of Arts launched with all classical paintings but on colourful walls.

We saw a lot of pink, yellow and blue. I talk about it as a childish hue.

Not as strong and bold or “memphis”-like as previous years. Much more sneaker inspirered.

Trend 3 – Baroque Baby

This is the historical and romantic trend. We went looking through our archives for old pattern and inspiration. This is the year when William Morris got a huge comeback, and it was all because of our need of flowers and history. And our flower arrangements got huge – almost baroque. If something is “out” it is a single, lonely gerbera in a thin vase. Instead more is more.

A lot of floral prins on everything from wallpaper to textiles. And large flowers.

This is also the beginning of the use of sculptures in our interior. Single, marble sculptures as a reminder or our history or past.

Trend 4 – Dusk

Dusk is the beige Scandinavian trend. I have been doing tons of interviews on why “hygge” and “lagom” was doing so well 2018 and the short answer is that it stands for a mix of sustainability, minimalism and a balance in life. Colours got toned down and we started to work with dried flowers. Craft got a hype and especially ceramics. In this trend I included our fascination for sustainability, as in a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but also the look of things when they are reused or recycled.

Simplicity and patinated.

The vintage door in a newly built house.

Ceramics of all kinds

Sustainability and reuse.

And tons of dead flowers and arrangements.

Trend 5 – Saturday Satori

Health and green. We want to find healthy solutions for our home. Connectivity and mirrors that monitor you, is a part of this, but mainly we want to make our interiors with green plants. Especially large trees. The colour green is growing. And we want a healthy lifestyle.

Plants everywhere for Saturday Satori.

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