Formland 2019

Back in Denmark. This weekend I have been in Herning to visit the local fair Formland. This fair is a good opportunity to see what is new in the Scandinavian region, and specifically Denmark. The weekend was full of visitors and everyone seemed to be in a good mood.

I have covered a lot of new stuff from previous fairs this year so I will try to keep it short and sweet here. Just pinpointing out a few details.

The trend with dried (or as I call it “dead”) flowers is obviously still around for a second season – but this time with a layer of paint. Here pink.


One of the bigger surprises was to see the lighter pastells already back. As a trendhunter I obviously know that this is a coming trend – but already?

Deeper and more mature hues are of course here, but I am sure we will see a lot of pastels coming this year.

The trend exhibition by Studio Fly Hellsted worked a lot with purple – which I love.

But also blue. Painted wood (where you see the fibres of the wood) was apparently big at IMM in Cologne so I think we will see more of that.


A third thing that stood out – pressed coloured glass.Of course a clear 70s vibe but it seems we are done with ceramics for a while.


A third thing I observed was the huge focus on sustainability.Interesting and important. Here a table with no screws or bolts and in FSC certified wood by Lise Vester.

Hjemhavn focusing on cleaning the oceans.

Oohh with a vase/sculpture made of 100 layers of recucled paper.

Student project with a stool that have a seat made out of mushrooms.

Humdakin, a brand focusing on sustainable cleaning utensils.

Grums, a line of beautyproducts made of coffee grind.

Vegan candy.


Vegan leather by Nord by Nord.

Finishing this short report by boosting my own activities… 🙂 I made a trend exhibition where I focused on colours.

Did two seminars and a panel. Talked about new sustainable and Scandinavian design, and of course trends.

And I got time for some wine with Holly who now is not only a bloggar, but actually have a magazine with her name. Check it out.

Well I cant leave you with out pointing out some new cool stuff I found – regardless of trend. Above a fantastic seahorse vase by Rice. Love the quirkyness.

Rice is doing a whole new collection of 60s studd. Likte this bird. Nice.

A Dutch lady made icecreams for birds. From Studio Carmela Bogman.

Eden Outcast is a Danish brand to keep an eye on. They do quirky and non-Scandinavian design for mirrors, ceramics, sculptures etc. Here a new wall sculpture.

Danish Gejst is back. Here a super cool vase.

And candle holder with magnets so you can build your own shape.

And of course a cute elephant by Novoform.

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