Ambiente 2019

Phew… Last fair of the season. Ambiente is listed as possibly the largest of all fairs, and only topped by iSalone in Milan. My report here today will be mainly focused on colours. Both confirming but also complementing things we have seen at the other fairs. We will start off with some sober hues but end off in a colour bang.

First we start with blue. 2019 is the centenial of Bauhaus. Perhaps not necessarily the reason why this is booming, but the blue is clear and strong. No water references but rather to Yves Klein. There is absolutely a sort of freshness to this compared to all the earthy tones we have seen for a while.

Wood in natural and white with blue

Cutlery in blue

The combination with red makes it really look like a Bauhaus reference.

Versace and Rosenthal had a collection all in these Bauhaus colours.

Moving on. Green. The greens and the greenery have been with us for a while and it stays. Obviously associated with jungle references and big leaves. Palm leaves or monstera. It is a fairly dark green. I have seen minty tones at fairs like Christmasworld.

Look at the report for Christmas and compare hues… Not so minty here at Ambiente.

The green is very often also together with pink or purple.

But of course works on it’s own as well.


Third colour I want to talk about is white. I said on Instagram that white is the new black. I saw that very clearly in Paris. As a result of last years’ tableware in grey and beige it is like we long for clear and white alternatives. Here is Pillivuyt. Rustic and grey but the tableware is clear as snow.

Stelton also got an award for their update on the Norman Foster set. And the new line is of course all in snowy white.

Here is a new tableware by Kahle. Retro and nice. But if you launch a new line today – make sure you have a white option. Very obvious at Ambiente. Every tableware company is complementing their set with a fully white version.

White version

French brand Revol is launching a new update – in white.

Brittish Denby launch a new update – in white.

Villeroy & Boch same thing. A nice new graphical set – but also in white.

You can see this as a part of the mega trend “reduction” where we will have fever but better things. Here are glasses that are just plain. And lovable.

Same thing with cutlery. No ornaments, no frills.

The last thing I want to talk about is colours. I have said it before – patterns and ornaments are out – and instead we look at colours and colour combinations. I would say that there isn’t a “right” colour. You will have to find yours. Which one do you like?

So above is a set of trays. Of course we can look at some common features. There is a lot of turquise blue, coral, yellow and pink. But exactly in what combination and how intense of a hue – it is up to you.

The new collection by Bethan Laura Wood for Rosenthal. Turqouise and yellow.

Almost the same colour – but also red.

Yellow and pink

Yellow and pink


Stelton was launching yellow with orange.

But you need to find your combination – minty green, klein blue, pink and yellow. Perhaps this is your combination?

Or coral, apricot, green and red?

Also kitchen utensils get updated.

Again the new launch by Bethan Laura Wood for Rosenthal.

I am ending my report with a picture of lovely Bethan. I had the opportunity to go out on a dinner date with her. Her make up doesnt change at all. Mine does… Two drinks and I look terrible. But she is extremely lovely and kind. Go get a nice cup of tea with her!!



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Leonore Nyström
Leonore Nyström
4 years ago

Du har läst om detta va? Blått blått blått!

First new blue pigment in over 200 years is being made in to a crayon:


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