Colours for Christmas 2019

Christmas comes once per year, but for me the season already starts in January. Christmasworld is one of the biggest fairs with only focus on seasonal things. It happens in Frankfurt and has approximately 1 040 exhibitors. Here you get everything from Christmas candles, napkins, decorations and proper tree ornaments. I will lay out the trends for Christmas in two segments. This first one is mainly about colours.

In my next post I will publish thoughts on how our values and lifestyle is visible in the Christmas tree, but here I want to talk about the colours of 2019 – pink and minty green. But first a brief reasoning on what is “out” or leaving the decorated tree.

Previous years we have seen a kind of castle like, historical Christmas, tartans, old keys and deer. Not so much this year.

Fancy, expensive ornaments are out.

We are also leaving the woody, naturalistic style we have seen. Plain pine cones are out. As well as round wooden, plain bulbs.

Strangely enough Mrs Christmas is leaving the tree. Instead we see a lot of girls being ballerinas etc, but the wholesome female Christmas character is not with us this year.

A few years back we have seen movie characters turn up in the tree. There was Star Wars and even characters from Lord of the Ring, or Disney. Not so much any longer. Here are two examples of people still around. From Guardians of the Galaxy and Frozen.

But lets talk about colours. Last year I saw a lot of darker greens, and the year before that it was all brown. This year we will see lighter colours as in this dusty pink.

You actually see all levels of pink. From a very Barbie hue to dustier versions. And ornaments are in general more worked on. Like with this almost handmade feeling.

And texture.

I want to emphasise that we will see all levels of the pink spectra, even up to purple. Personally I prefer this to dusty pink, but that is only a personal reference.

Again, these worked and almost crafted bulbs.

Well, if pink is here, then Santa will have to be pink. And he really is.


But still. Pink also in combination with other colours like red.

And the most frequent colour combination is of course dusty pink with minty green.

And this gives us an opportunity to talk about this minty green.


This minty green works well with red.

In my next post I will talk about all these exotic animals…


And of course we see a million examples of these two colours in combination. Dusty pink and minty green are the colours for Christmas 2019.

Before ending this, and continue the report on other things like – Christmas Animal of the Year – I want to point out a pattern I saw as fairly new and innovative. And it is the green branch. Could of course be a mistle toe but basically anything floral worked.

Next post will continue trend hunting for Christmas 2019…

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