Maison & Objet 2019 – part two

We continue reporting from mega fair Maison & Objet. With 600 new exhibiting brands (in total 2910) and almost 85 000 visitors this is one of the largest in the season. In this section I will talk about graphical and artistic details and colours blue and white. You can of course see my finds on other colours here.

Since last year we see a lot of neutrals. To make it stand out work with sculptural shapes – or as here – with graphical details.

A lamp that gives darker outlines.

Obviously all sorts of posters…

But also carpets. On the wall or on the floor.

It can also be very strict and straight like with these notebooks by Danish Notem.

More strict and straight.

The blue hues in the picture with the stripes gives us a reason to talk about the colour blue. And yes, blue is everywhere. It has a freshness to it. It represents something different to these earthy hues. It’s bright and clear. Not watery.

And we see this blue everywhere. Tableware, textiles or even furniture pieces.

Or lamps.

It’s like everyone is trying to match it with whatever colour combination you can find. And it kind of works.


Ending off with some blue walls so you can see that you actually can use a lot of blue.

A third trend to talk about is the white. Yes, white is back. The picture above might not stand out as a trendy installation but I have it as a reference for you to see that almost a whole room is getting white now. Absolutely sofas.

Organic shapes that previously were supposed to look earthy or dusty now have a white cover.

White stones – not terracotta.

And white wicker. We have seen wicker without paint before, but now they get a layer or white.

And I want to emphasize that it is a very bright white. Nothing dusty at all. Not beige or eggshell. Totally white. Like an 80s white.

Final two pictures. Yes, white tableware is coming back… Sounds strange, but every brand that last year had launched a rustic and grey/beige set with surfaces that almost looked handmade – they make a supplement now in clear white. Again, not eggshell – snowy white. Here for instance Serax and the tableware for Merci.

So to sum the fair season up. It is a positive atmosphere. Lots of people, Not that many new things, but some interesting updates – and everything is about colour, not patterns.

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