Stora Trenddagen Malmö

Just a few weeks ago, we concluded Stora Trenddagen in Stockholm. Infront of 700 people from the design industry and the media, we talked about sustainability, anti-consumption and digital detox. For the first time we took this event out on the road and had a Stora Trenddagen in Malmö. 300 people came to hear me reason about the times we are going through.

Last week in Malmö. The event took place on a sunny spring day with 13 degrees in the air. Spring and promisses of a new start.

This is the building where it took place. Altitude meetings, the Studio and Story Hotel took care of my logistics. The whole event was coordinated by my colleagues and friends Anna and Stina.

My fancy lounge before going on stage… The glamorous life of being a trendhunter on stage…

We had two shows. Approximately 150 people on each show. And everyone got lunch or a glass of wine. I got coffee…

My amazing coordinators Anna Braun (left) and Stina Loden (right). Before I got in stage we had a warm up with invited guests who talked about various things.

First up was Petra Jensen from real estate company Bjurfors Home who talked about new was for styling the house before putting it on the market.

Roots of Malmö talked about trends in beverages such as kombucha.

And finally tv host Anna Braun talked about her five things to update a home. Such as using sculptural lights.

And finally it was my turn. For about 90 minutes I talked about the challenging times we are going through (housing market, consumerism, and the new target group – milennials) and of course the five trends I call: Resting Neutrals, Evolving Elvis, Witch Craft, Africa Activism and Sustainable Sundays.

The set design for the whole of Stora Trenddagen was arranged by AB Småland.


Wine was sponsored by Lokal 17.

We also had help to arrange this with help from Dux and Nordsjö.

I hope to be back for more trend seminars in Malmö. See you at Stora Trenddagen 2020. Keep track of updates and tickets here.

All pictures, exept the three top ones are by Charlotte Carlberg Bärg at Clic.

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