I spent a week in Spain. As a spring break from Swedish coldness, I enjoyed the southern parts of Spain with Malaga and Granada. In two sections I will report from my scoutings in these two cities. Let’s start with Malaga. At the end of this feed I will list my top ten things to do in Malaga.

Malaga is not necessarily a tourist destination but a lot of Scandinavians have housing here. It is on the way to more touristic Marbella for many. But the city with its close to 1 million inhabitants is really nice. One of the cities with most museums. A listing counts 30 museums in the city center.

The city has a historical center with beautiful art deco houses.

It’s an extremely clean city. Really. I am from Sweden and we are used to really clean streets but this beats it. No garbage or cigarette butts. It is a really great city for just walking around. And I must recommend you to do that. Despite the numerous museums, this is mainly a destination for casual strolling, looking at Spaniards and eating.

Malaga has some Roman remains, but you will pass that when you are strolling anyway. Here an amphitheater.

The city has some older architecture and I was especially looking for moorish architecture.

Market hall

Double arches as windows is a typical moorish feature.

The cathedral of Malaga is worth a stop.

And you can of course enjoy the beach – eventhough the water was a bit chilly for me…


The castle upon a steep hill is a good walk – but worth the trip.

Walking, walking. You cen get lost and fall in love with houses… Here is the birthplace of Picasso and lets talk about the museums.

The fairly new Picasso museum is supposed to be one of the best in the world. And it is really nice. No photos allowed… The Carmen Thyssen is supposed to be nice as well.

Picasso is ever present in the city and you can actually find street art inspirered by him.

There is of course more contemporary art in the city.

Centre Pompidou has a nice space in the city as well.

But as said a few times – just walking the city is wonderful.

Eating. Malaga is a “tapas city”. And eventhough some spaces can feel a bit touristic, it is not difficult to find a local favourite. Like Casa Lola or La Cosmopolita. Oh, and the paella at Chiringuito Tropicana.  Yum. We never made reservations and could still easily get a table anyway.

The interior at Los Gatos.

The city even have a specific space for beer lovers. At La Fabrica they make limited editions of Cruz Campo.

So, top ten things to do in Malaga

1. Walking – no agenda or plan, just stroll

2. The Picasso Museum

3. The castle

4. Eating tapas at Casa Lola

5. Having a beer at La Fabrica

6. Buying almonds at the market

7. Enjoy the beach and lunch at Chiringuito Tropicana.

8. Find the home of Antonio Banderas…

9. Have a drink at the roof top bar of AC Hotel Malaga Palacio

10. Hunt moorish architecture





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