Colour trends – and please no more funny monkeys

The last, or the first, of the interior design fairs of the season took place in Frankfurt. Depending on how you see, Tendence is your last opportunity to stock up for fall – or your first opportunity to buy things for spring 2020. With just over 600 exhibitors from 37 countries this is now seen as a local fair, but with strong international presence. And with me as a guest speaker on stage – Tendence Academy has a fantaaaaaaaaastic speaker’s programme.

Tendence is a good fair and at a summer event like this, not too many new things or brands are introduced. But I do of course keep my trendhunting mind on key. With so many exhibitors, it is easy to find some new ideas. Sustainability is gowing immensely. But let’s start by looking at colours. And then move into sectors like materials, aesthetics and monkeys…

As just mentioned – sustainability is huge. Here some straws in glass by a German producer. And the colourscheme is very 2020. Egg white, grey, cinnamon, dusty pink and a caramel yellow.

Almost the same colours.

Colours don’t have to be extremly soft. They can grow a little more intense. Yellow, pink, terracotta, eggwhite and green.

I would say that terracotta or cinnamon is growing.

Green is still here.

Yellow is now almost mandatory in a collection.

Look around at the fair, I noticed that there are still a lot of ceramics. Some glass. A bit of wood. But exotic or tropical grass, wicker or bast is absolutely booming. And it’s like you can combine it in anyway that suits you. Mix and match.

A new thing with this material is how it is shaped and formed into new objects. Like a cactus, elephant or pineapple.


A third detail is minimalism is coming back. Big time. We have already noticed that there are very few patterns really, and everything is getting more and more reduced and minimal.

That small table. So minimal.


Terracotta is growing.


Very, very, very reduced and minimalistic.

Last chapter. So we looked at colours, materials like bast and a new minimalism. However there is a very noticable trend. The use of exotic animals. They are everywhere. Like there is no limit to kitsch. Doing yoga or whatever. And all sorts of exotic animals – monkeys, lions, elephants, camels, crocodiles… And it is soooooo kitsch so please let this trend die. Please.

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