Maison & Objet 2019 – a bit of green

Fair season continues. Maison & Objet is the biggest and most important fair of the fall season. Lots of people and good atmosphere. I must say that this season doesn’t bring a lot of newness to design. Everything is still a bit repetitive. Lots of beige, lots of ceramics (both matte and shiny), dried flowers etc, etc. It is kind of difficult to find any new movement at all, so I will do my best.

I will talk about the things I have seen at M&O in perhaps three chapters. Let’s start off with the colour green. It’s a new main colour. Celadon, minty green, perhaps a dusty green but a kind of a pastelly green. Works well with yellow or terracotta or why not with a darker green.

Regardless there’s a lot of  minty green .

I even heard that Apple’s new iPhone collection (launched yesterday) comes in minty green. So let’s look at how Maison & Objet handled this colour.

So look at this table ware by Paola Navone for Serax. A plain mint green hue for your table.

Or this by French Revol.

And even tumblers like these have a greener tone.

Here at one of the installations at AD Interieur where you see the mint together with other greens.

Mint green with darker green at Aveva.

Darker green and mint at Lucie Kaas.

Design objects by HK Living.

Greens in candles.

Mint works also very well with pink. Like here at Paola Paronetto.

Terrible Twins

Minty green with apricot


And mint green in ceramics and more earthy hues.

Speaking of earthy colours we absolutely see a lot of browns and terracotta.

This wonderful new chandelier by Swaroskis (design by studio Peter Pilotti) even has some green hues.

Textiles with greens, a bit of terracotta and beige.

Same colour combination but with ceramics and wall paint

But this minty green is mainly associated and seen with pastells and pop colours. Like here at cards for the season.

And lastly – watch out for the new colour combination with minty green and a mustardy, lemony yellow.

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