A minty green Christmas

I love Christmas. I think most people know that by now. And since I love this season so much, people ask me to get involved. A few years ago I did the official trees at the airports Arlanda and Landvetter. This year I was asked to do the official Christmas tree at Clarion Sign hotel. Here is my tree for 2019.

So 2015 I did a Christmas tree at Arlanda with sea theme. This year I wanted to go for a colour combination.

Going to possibly the largest Christmas fair in the world every year at Christmasworld, I tend to notice small changes among the ornaments.  This year it was all about minty greens and perhaps a classical red note.

My Christmas tree for 2019 is all about the colours. The ornaments have a slight retro feeling and some should almost feel home made or proper vintage.


So this is my official tree for Christmas 2019. Minty greens, a bit of red and a vintage or retro feeling. Merry Christmas.

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