Heimtextil – trends 2020

So second post from the first fair of the year. Heimtextil is a perfect spot to see any new trends for the coming years.

As mentioned in my previous post sustainability is the main focus for the fair 2020. Another sub trend is storytelling. For sure. We see a lots of patterns and combinations that carry more information than just being nice and trendy. I think that the description “nice” will be the most untrendy concept of the coming ten years. When someone says “oh this design is nice”, then you know this person is totally untrendy. Instead it is about character, stories and heritage.

One of the obvious things at Heimtextil is how patterns are back. And patterns with patterns.

At the trend exhibition you could see that everythings was layers on layers. Sort of a reaction to the monochrome or tone in tone we have had.


I find it interesting to see how a wallpaper company deliberately show very diverse wallpapers but together.

Stories, stories, stories. In this picture you see a lot of animal prints and we will come back to that – and orange.

So beige is out… Besides patterns we see much stronger colours. And orange is absolutely one of them. We started to see this in 2019 but now it is even stronger.

It’s like we are moving from “earthy tones” and “burned occra” to proper, full on orange.

It’s like – whatever you do – include a bit of orange.

It doesn’t have to be over the top – but a hint of orange.

Orange also together with the other colour of 2020 – blue. And not a denim or aqua blue. Something else. Electric blue? Twitter blue?

I could talk about green too… But I am trying to limit the number of pictures. But yes, some emerald green or darker green works well this season.

So we talked about patterns, orange and blue. A third thing am starting to see is how folklore is slowly coming back. The chequared patterns, the straight lines, the weaving…


The majority of these things are fairly “flat”. Previous years we have seen a more 3D texture, but now it has a nices finish.

Last thing I want to bring up is the naturalistic patterns of animals and botanical references – but on white background. A new kind of print. Almost like artwork. Print on white.

Notice how the objects are kind of isolated from eachother. Not overlapping. This of course works on both textiles and wallpaper.

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