Stora Trenddagen 2020

A new year has started and as always I take the stage to present what I think will be the key questions of the year. Everything under the format Stora Trenddagen. This is the ninth time we do this and we celebrate with a tour. Three cities in Sweden during three consecutive Mondays. First one out was Stockholm. This is what is looked like then.

At Clarion Sign we booked a conference room. Two opportunities with 350 people in the morning and 350 people in the evening. The audience consist of meda, designers, design companies, shop owners, museums, etc, etc. Anyone who is interested in our lifestyle of today.

This year we are collaborating with the hotel chain Choice and visit their nicest hotels in the cities. So Clarion Sign in Stockholm, Clarion Post in Göteborg and Clarion Live in Malmö.

The stage was set by Jakobsdals who actually also helped me with my trend visuals.

Here are three of the five visuals.

And Umasqu made a portrait of me that we put on stage.

Johanna and Martina from Iittala made nice installations in the coffee area.

Also interior sustainable brand Dixie made installations.

And Nespresso made coffee on their new Vertu machines. I had Nespresso with this project already last year and I must really say that I appreciate the “under the radar” sustainable work.

The counter top of the bar is made of recyled coffee grind. Amazing.

And it is of course important to invite other trend colleagues in the industry. Louise Kongsholm from Pejgruppen was here. We have talked a lot and bounced ideas.

The last sponsor and collaboration we have is with Bjurfors Home.

But getting 700 people in Stockholm, and 200 in Göteborg and 250 in Malmö would not be possible without help. Here is my project manager Stina Loden. Thanks for everything Stina.

But Stora Trenddagen is all about me, my research and my thinking. 90 minutes on stage. So where are we going? 2019 was a year when we started to talk about sustainability, the need for offline, the behaviour of the millennials and how robots will take our jobs.

This year we will talk about how to solve this scary world, and that we do by wanting to be together and strive to be happy. These are my main themes for 2020. Happy and together. Noone wants to buy anything, instead we spend money on things that brings us together. Eating out is one of those obvious things, but there could be other things as well.

The most photographed slide… You can of course see yourself on Instagram.

The second most photographed. I don’t talk so much about millennials this year but the “generational war” increases.

A slide on how trends occur. Sometimes by just agreeing something is cool (like torn jeans) and sometimes by technical innovation (like the bike thing).

A slide where I talk about how aesthetics kind of isn’t important. I checked colours of the year from various colour brands and they are not at all the same. A very scattered world. And if you google “fashion trends 2020” – everything is trendy. Minimalistic, animal prints, normcore, 90s style, 80s style, everything. And I see this scattered world as we change focus. Superficial trends dont matter any longer. Instead we do other things. And what is that…?

Noone cares about your Louis Vuitton. Instead we want to be…


Me talking and talking…

And pointing

So who attends an event like this? Here are some of the guests.

PR expert Susan Krutrök

Stylist Ann-Cathrine, from Plantagen Malin Sellström

PR Annika Wijkström, journalist Annette Eriksson, designer Jimmy Schönning.

Journalist Anders Bergmark

Stylists and journalist Charlotte Petterson from Sköna Hem, stylist Maria Nordin, designer Emma Olbers.

Journalist Johan Magnusson from Scandinavian Man and PR Malin Boman

Shop owner Jonas Pelz from Granpa and Maria Wärme from Sköna Hem.

Gunilla Eriksson from Kakelspecialisten

Stylist Karin Uggla and journalist Camilla Julner.

PR Karin Sköldberg and my project manager

PR Moa Abrahamsson

PR Alexander Erwik

PR Alexandra Öfwerman and Helene Airijoki

Journalist and flower expoert Malin Hidesäter

Anna & Hanna from Bindefeld AB

Sara Althini from Edblads.


The morning event and the evening event doesn’t differ so much. Same kind of crowd – but we have wine. Very nice sustainable wine from Lohas Vinedos.

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4 years ago

Looks wonderful!! Congrats! Next year I’m coming! Love seeing how sustainability is in your mind.. many people are simply ignoring it…