Stockholm Design Week – colours and chairs

Stockholm Design Week. I continue my report and today I look at some features that were dominant. What are the trends for coming years?

A quick look at colours showed that we will see more of everything. It could be extremely colourful or extremely dark and warm. Regardless – white and grey is out.

Dark, chocolat browns.

Here together with dark blue and maroon.

I don’t know what to call this yellow, but we have seen it at several fairs now. Vanilla icecream? Here as a table.


Last year I talked a lot about the arches or as I ironically referred to “pizzeria vault”. We see more and more of that. Not much new to say. Still an architectural reference.

But furniture piece of 2020 – the easy chair. Everyone is doing their take on the new easy chair. What is should be is wider than normal and more welcoming. Should almost fit two people.

The easy chair could be have visual legs or hidden like this.

It could be like a chaise lounge also

In general it gets rounder.

When it comes to sofas, the main colour is still white. So strange to me. Very non-functional and non-practical, but yes. Apparently people wont spill in 2020. Despite the roundness on the sofa above, the edge and armrest of the sofa gets thinner. No bulky ending, but rather a slim and delicate resting section.

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