SNACK x Italy

At the end of April I launched a new kind of retail in Stockholm. We call it Snack since it is a snack bite. Short and sweet. “Snack” in Swedish also means “talk of the town”. First Snack had a theme with greenery and gardening love. See full story here. Our second Snack was about Italy. If we are banned from travelling and wont be able to go to the Mediterranean shores, then we take Italy to Stockholm. Hence a shop full of Italian flavours and lifestyle.

For this Snack we found an abandoned Italian restaurant, right in the extreme center of the city. We invited ten companies to get us gelato, Italian coffee, olive oil, beach kits, books and even olive and lemon trees. All for sale. And only open two days. And of course we invited guests to participate via social media if they couldn’t go out at all. Plenty of interviews at @selectedsnack.

I am obviously not doing this alone. With me in these projects I have Robert Nehme helping me. Here folding flags…

Set up in the old Italian restaurant. 500 people came to our shop during two days. A lot of media but mainly just curious end consumers just wanting to do something fun.

Food importer and distributor Itigo had parmesan, olive oil, olives etc etc. People were lining up to get his samples and coffee.

A table with olive and lemon trees.

I had also arranged so we had some of the most popular and latest Italian cookbooks. Here a new one with gelato from Natur&Kultur. The other books from Bonnier.

Straw bags from Ceannis.

Swim wear from new brand Cojones. They sold over 20 pairs. That is pretty impressive for a brand no one knows of.

Summer fragrances by Bottega Veneta.

Italian beauty brand Renlive talked about sunscreen and sold fresh new product for summer.

Fresh brand Piccola Home showed their Italian tableware and sold at least two full table sets and some serving plates.

Finally we had two fashion brands. Asp&Co is a distributor and agent for some Italian brands. They sold a lot of garments these two days.

Swedish fashion brand Ljung, might not be so Italian but I think their printed shirts would work on a summer beach.

Over all, this was an amazing event. Two days with lots of good energy and fun. Next time I would love to include som Italian wine…

Next Snack? We’ll see. We will do a sum up. In Swedish “Efter Snack” or post snack. And then we will coming back after summer. Stay tuned.

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