A bit of Christmas

Winter is coming. And I don’t mind. I love summer, but I also love Christmas. I am not in it for the gifts, but I love how this is a holiday when we can let go of all the things we should do and just go bananas with decoration and joy. Let is snow.

The other week I was invited to host the launch of Christmas for retail chain Rusta. They are one of the first one’s in Sweden to let go of everything traditional and just let Christmas explode with everything fun. They basically introduced the Ugly Christmas Sweater in Sweden. And I have become a public figure in Sweden that officially loves Christmas. So when they asked me if I wanted to be a part of this, I of course said yes.

The event took place at a 17th century manor house in Stockholm. Every room full of Christmas fun.

Rusta have fours Christmas themes this year. Classical, Scandinavian, Joyful and Romantic. Also they have the fastest dressed Christmas tree in the world. This tree is raised and dressed in 43 seconds. Woooooop.

They have everything – decorations, electronics, DIY, etc, etc,etc.

The tree above is the traditional theme

The fun and quirky theme.

The romantic theme with lots of velvet and bows.

As a host of this event I tried on the new Christmas suit. It is supposed to look like I am sitting on Santa’s shoulders.

One of the reasons I really like Christmas is how you can see how fashion and trends we see in our lifestyle moves in to the tree. Like this year when everything is leopard.

The people from Rusta – Karolina and Anna.

After the introduction I changed to this year’s new Ugly Christmas Sweater. Did you know there is an International Christmas Sweater Day? And where is it from? It’s actually from Canada. Which is the most famous ugly Christmas sweater? The one by Darcy in Bridget Jones’ Diary.

We talked and talked. I had two full pages of questions I wanted to talk about. Like where do they find everything? The answer is at the huge fair I also get to visit – Christmasworld in Frankfurt. But we talked about when one should wear the ugly Christmas sweater (at a party) and how many one should have (plenty). We talked about snowglobes, elf doors and Christmas lights. We talked about Santa and how Chinese don’t want a Santa at their homes (he is at the shopping mall – not at home). How advent is bigger in Sweden than in the other Scandinavian countries. We talked about what is most expensive (a tree) and most affordable (Christmas eyewear) at Rusta. We reasoned if yellow EVER will be a Christmas colour (no!!!). And so much more.

Christmas is fun. Can’t wait.


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