Maxjenny and the Royal Theater

On Thursday I was invited to see the new collaboration between Swedish fashion designer Maxjenny and the old 18th century theater of Drottningholm. A wonderful and colourful installation.

To get to the theater you can go by bus – or on a more classy note – by boat.

The theater is the wold’s only fully functional theater of it’s time and style, and it is wonderful. As I understand from the information, this collaboration was initiated by the theater. They wanted the fashion designer to go through the archives to revive and rejuvinate the history. This is not the first time a fashion designer does something like this. Earlier this year we could see how Milanese fashion designer Gianni Cinti worked with German tableware brand Rosenthal in a similar way. Using pictures, patterns and prints to make newer style.

So this is an exhibition and not a collection in her line. Some of these prints and garments might be put in production but foremost it is an exhibition. The exhibition is open to the public until October 11.

The exhibition consists of mannequins and unique fashion pieces. There are blouses for men, suits for women and gowns, gowns and gowns. Some of it feels commercial and could absolutely find it’s way to the stores, and some of the garments are on a more theatrical side and perhaps just as a looking piece.

The exhibition is collected in just one room – but the setting around this is amazing. And there are plenty of things to see in this room.

I give this exhibition a five out of five. An intellectual and creative approach to marry art history with contemporary fashion. In a world today when noone is buying fashion any longer, this is a good way to match craftmanship with meaning.

There are nine prints. Everything has it’s own story. Like this grey looking man behind bars. He was a French opera singer that was forced to stay in cold, rural Sweden in the 18th century. He hated it here…


Of course a lot of the prints have a hint of Fornasetti, but that still looks nice.

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