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I have designed a lamp collection. Here is why.

I am not a designer. Absolutely not. Being a designer is a full profession and training in school. But I could perhaps add aesthetics and zeitgeist to products?

One of the first design collabs I did was with Finnish Mum’s. We made a 70s, retro inspirerd collection with neon words on the floor. I have a soft spot for retro design.

This story with the lamps started with a need. I needed something. I have a quirky, colourful home. I collect weird things that I like. Here a “shelfie” with interior brand Maze. This is only styling. The shelves aren’t by me.

Flower brand Plantagen likes to come by and do photo shoot at my home.

And here is the fairly new livingroom. Well the sofa is not in that corner any longer but you get the idea.

Besides the apartment in the city, I also have a summer house an hour north from Stockholm. Different colours. And that is deliberate. I want this to be a resting space.

But with all these things… what is missing? I am actually missing wall lamps. There are wonderful vintage wall lamps and strict modern ones. But nothing affordable in my range. If you search for lamps the majority of them are floor and table lamps or pendants. Nothing for the actual wall.

And one day I was attending a cocktail with Swedish lamp brand By Rydens. I said “Why don’t you have wall lamps?” And they responded “Why don’t you make one?”

So I got home and made two sets of two lamps. Four in total.

They are very much within my aesthetics and style. Very retro and fun.

The first set is with seashells. Of course something we have seen before but now with my updates. It is actuallt seashells and not plastics. That was important to me. I think it would work well in my country house with the sombre hues.

The second lamp set is with fringes. I loved fringed lamps when I grew up in the suburbs of Stockholm. Here they are shifting in colours with pink and beige. I think it would fit my colourful apartment in the city.

There is of course a table version as well. You are allowed to play with it. 🙂

These retro lamps are for fun. I have named them after two disco queens. The seashell version is obviously Diana (as in Diana Ross) and the fringed version is Debbie Harry but I wanted to name the lamp from the group, so this is Blondie. Say hello to Diana and Blondie.

Full set pictures done by photographer Andy Liffner.

Last week we had the launch. How to get people to feel the vibe? Of course you get them all to wear a disco wig. Super fun. I think we need more disco fun next year.

The lamps are out now. Go get one.


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