Milan 2022 – the colours

We continue to report on what was new at the design week in Milan 2022. Here we talk about colours.

With lots of new pieces and aesthetics here are my notes from this year. Expect more colour in general and various combinations. Bruned yellow, baby blue and still some pastels. Lets go.

Olive green

First. Colour of the year (at least in Milan) is absolutely olive green. It is soooo present, I don’t really have to convince you. You have seen it in fashion and in details. Now on furniture. Could of course be on a wall  but it is a lot.



Blå Station

Burned yellow

One of my main colours I saw was this burned yellow. It has more intensity and pigment than for instanse lemon. Here at Thonet.

Often together with orange. Still Thonet.

At Arper

At Kartell

At Sancal.

At Zanat


I also saw a bit of racing green. Yes, it looks like colours get much more intense.

Here at Karl Andersson & Söner

Maybe not as dark as racing green. But definately an intense green. Thonet again.

Green with terracotta and white metal.

Cartoon combinations

When you add all these intense colours together, and especially if you have an outline that is dark or black, then it kind of looks like a cartoon picture. Sort of like Roy Lichtenstein or perhaps Fernand Leger.

It is basically the same intensity in colours as we saw at the Hermès exhibition.

Or at the Nathalie du Pasquier exhibition with tile brand Mutina.

Baby blue

There were obviously softer colours too at the design week. Baby blue was absolutely one of them.

Baby Blue room divider.


Baby blue together with this burned yellow. Here at colour company Kerakoll that did a collaboration with Martino Gamper.

Baby blue and a bit of apricot also at Hermès

Sancal. Also notice the racing green table in the back.

Thonet AGAIN. Yes, it looks like Thonet managed to get all the colour combinations right.

Baby Blue with Salone Satellite exhibitor Rasmus Palmgren


Finally also a bit of purple. Almost always as an eyecatcher and stand-alone. No more pink. Instead purple.

We even, finally, get some flowers with this purple. Here by Luke Edward Hall.


Too much colour for you? Well, there are obviously also some pastels this year too.

CC Tapis

File under Pop

Kerakoll (also notice the olive green in the left bottom corner)

Dyed wood

Last and final comment for this segment on colour. We have seen plain wood for a while now. This year it is not necessarily lacguered but actually dyed.

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Well done Stefan!
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