Colour kitchen 2023

Finnish kitchen company Puustelli contacted me. They asked me to do a trendy kitchen for 2023 so I did. Here is the story.

When looking at trends for the kitchen I noticed that colours are coming in more and more. Almost like a tsunami of colours… So for this assignment I decided to work with one of the four colour schemes NCS Colour and I did for 2023.

In the concept I wanted an open kitchen. As open as possible. Even wall shelves should be open.

And colours. As much as possible. There are three colours on the cabinets. One separate on the wall. A cream colour from the front cabinets, a grey to the side wall and a brown from the wall overlooking the room.

This trend is something for the ones who have fallen in love with the grey colour scheme. Here is a lot of colours but very “matchy”. They complement eachother.

It was easy to work with these colour settings when you have a trend palette to work with originally. When you have that set you can add colours to details like chairs etc afterwards.

As an overview of the kitchen. The cream colour on the cabinet fronts. To your right you see the greyish colour (it actually has a tint of green to it).

And here you see the cinnamon brown to the right, on the doors facing the room. Three colours for the cabinets.

The contemporary kitchen for 2023 is as open as possible. Open storage. Also a space so you can work. Also next year we will work a lot from home.

Setting for the kitchen. I actually made a painting (top shelf) only using the colours from the trend palette. Next to it is a textile cloud by Pasana. Large white vase is from Muuto. Tableware and candle sticks from Iittala.

Me talking to Paulina and Jonas at Puustelli.

Colours, colours, colours. Tea kettel from Hay. We deliberately added quartz stone to the kitchen top. And look at that nice copper faucet.


One of the reasons I like Puustelli is that they have this collection of super sustainable kitchens. They are called Miinus and have several intelligent solutions. For instance they reduce materials and use recycled materials in a lot of their solutions.

Done. Now time to cook something. Maybe something sustainable and sensual…

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