Formland 2022 – fall season

Fair season is here. First out is Danish interior design fair Formland. The numbers are not official yet, but spring edition had about 10 000 visitors and over 400 exhibitors. This is not the largest fair – but perhaps the nicest in Scandinavia.

Stelton, Kähler, Iittala, Broste Copenhagen, Georg Jensen and Jonathan Adler is here. But this not only a fair for large brands. Medium brands like Oyoy Living, Dottir and Spring Copenhagen are here. And of course a handful of nice, smaller local brands like Lucie Kaas or Raffinee. And you always find new brands to fall in love with. Like Stences Design. And someone said that the fair had 70 new designers.

But Formland is also about the casual conversations, the trend installations and in general a very casual “hygge”. Everyone is non-stressed and friendly.

The overall introduction to Formland is that is is good. As expected we don’t really see a lot of new innovations but focus on colour. This is a general trend all over the world.  Expect less wood and less beige.

The informal talks in hallways indicate that brands are a bit scared of what will happen in fall. Inflation, shortage of supplies, increase of costs. One exhibitor actually mentioned she sold more wool blankets to Germans bacause the Germans expect a shortage of energy in winter so they were stocking up on warm supplies.

Formland is also about seminars. I had the opportunity to do two talks. One about “New Consumerism” and one with these two (Mads Arlien Söborg and Niki Brantmark) about Maximalism vs Minimalism.

So what can we expect for interior design 2022-2023. A lot of colours and textures. Things with stories.

Still – not a lot of patterns. Mainly focus on colours. But I did start to see a few hands. Yes, a bit strange but they are there. Above Broste and Hay.

I think we will see a lot of thinner storage. Someone said they had see cabinets just for displaying coffee cups. Sounds like part of this movement. All pictures above from Hubsch.

Sustainability is important in the interior design industry and of course here at Formland. I always spend 30-45 minutes having coffee with industry leaders at Lubech Living. It is always super interesting to hear Susanne and Sören talk about their struggles, challanges and how they push everything to be more sustainable.

But Formland is also about new brands and new ideas. Last year we saw Small Revolution from Copenhagen. They collected plastic cups and used the colour of the cup to make pattern in the recycled plastic. Now more brands are moving into this area. Here new brand The Left Over.

I was also pleased to see The Organic Company to interesting repair and mending kits. Loved that.

Kodanska also impressed with new thinking. Kodanska works with glass. Marie at Kodanska realised there was always a bit of unused glass metal rod (I think proper word is “punty”). What if you worked hard on also using that? The glass end could then be used to make egg cups, small vases and even cabinet knobs. Totally zero waste. Super interesting.


1. Purple

Purple is a wide description. It is with more red (as in the picture above) or with blue. Fuschia, plum, lavender, burgundy… Everything is in this season. Not alone but with other bright colours. Colours are in. First out some kind of plum. Plum with blue och kelly green. Here at Stences.

Plum that is almost brown. Here at Broste.

Two different kind of purple. Lavender och at the far end you see plum. And also green. This colour combination felt very “now”. Orange and a bit of sand together with plum and kelly green. Here at Hubsch.

More at Hubsch. Here plum wood with green and light blue

More plum. Here at Broste.

More at Broste.

Purple lampshade on green pedestal. Here at Hubsch.


A lot of the walls were painted in purple. Here at the trend exhibition.

Purple all on it’s own. Here at Kodanska.

Plum walls at Hubsch.

Purple and yellow. The most common combination was purple or burgundy and some kind of mustard yellow. Here at Kähler.

Here at Living by Colour.

Here at Bomgusta.

2. Yellow

We are slowly but surely moving more and more into the yellow category. Here wonderful pillows at Raffinee.

More pastells but a lovely purple and yellow combination at Lucie Kaas.

And a more dark plum with a light yellow (and beige)

Yellow plates by Kähler.

A yellow lamp by Hubsch

Yellow candle holder by Jonathan Adler.

A classic jug by Georg Jensen, now in yellow.

Stelton and Rig-Tig have done yellow before. Now coffee cups.

A yellow installation at the trend exhibition with pillows by H Skjalm P

A yellow foot on a nice glass by Reflections Copenhagen.

3. A hint of orange

The colour combinations are all very nice but there is an opportunity to spruce things up. If you want to be a bit cheeky – use orange. Here at Kähler.

A vase with all the correct colours (beige, lavender, eggshell) and all of a sudden a bit of orange. Nice. At Broste.

Orange glass by Kodanska.

4. Gold

One of the major trends we will see 2023 is gold. We saw it already in Milan.

Is there a difference between brass and gold? Not sure, but my trend world is now talking about how “gold” is back.

Gold bowls by Mojoo.

Stelton candle holder in brass/gold.

Gold details on the pillow from ByLiving.

Gold tray from Les Ottomans.

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1 year ago

great overview, as usual! Thanks!