Maison & Objet – Spring 2023, part 2

We continue the report from Maison&Objet in January. As we said yesterday, it was a busy fair with lots of things too see.

Trend 1 – straw (or hay or strings or ropes…)

Walking around at the fair I could see that a material such as straw was present everywhere. All sorts. It could be Asian with materials such as water hyacinth or European with more grass or straw (corn, wheat, rye, etc). You could of course see it in traditional objects as baskets.

More arty baskets.

But also more intricate weaving.

More contemporary as here with Villa Collection.

I saw a lot of it as wall decorations. Both very colourful.

More artsy at Ames

Or more raw.

Of course also in all sorts of lamps.

Honore Deco with their inspiration from the Mediterranean culture.

One of the most strange things I saw were these fringes made of grass or straw. Purely decorative and with no real function. I saw it in a few places like for instance Bloomingville.

Strings worked in a decorative way. The natural straw colour here mixed with bright colours. Here at candleholder as with Miho Unexpected Things.



And finally some wall art.

Trend 2 – folk art

A second topic is folk art. It is a little bolder and brighter with a 70s aesthetics. Plates from Popus.

The bird coming back at an installation by Castelbajac.

A mix of colours. Look at the thickness of the plates.

Almost a vulgar rose…

A 70s block print in lots of colours.

More block print.

Wallpaper. This block print -but on walls.

I am coming back to tableware. Here you see it all getting a bit rustic and raw.

Of course browns and red. Here at cutlery.

Browns, reds and stripes in textiles.

Trend 3 – humour and hounds (and kitsch…)

Remember yesterday when I talked about the buyer in Sweden who only saw kitsch? Well, we need to talk about this area. I saw a lot of humour in Paris. Of course on the boarderline to kitsch. Absolutley. But it was creative and fun.

Like this doorway light. I really think this is a cute thing. Imagine having a thing like this in your house. Maybe going out of bed (or to bed) would be easier, dreamier?

I do get, that this is on the boarder of being kitsch. But, fun too??

From brand Art et Floritude.

I would say, it is with this theme we get furniture like this. It is supposed to stand out and not fit in. Imagine doing a whole restaurant with these. From Seletti.

This design is not about fitting in. It is about standing out. Trying to be unique.

A Madonna with a moustache. Absolutely kitsch, but still kind of fun.

My whole kitsch/fun theme came to me when I was walking around with established brands like Lladro and Vista Alegre. Here a cartoonish panter at Lladro.

Also a kitsch fish (say that five times… “kitsch fisch”).

Vista Alegre

Vista Alegre

Speakers in the shape of birds at Daqiconcept.

And of course you get these kind of retro looking things. Here at &Klevering.

A disco piglet…

Italian ceramics.

And not only animals. This cabbage ceramics have slowly gotten back to market. You can even find it at curated stores like Arket. Absolutely on the boarder to kitsch. And now as lamps… Who doesn’t want a cabbage lamp??

Regardless if you call it kitsch or not. I thought it was fun. I liked it. I could absolutely get myself one of those vintage looking candleholders from &Klevering.

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