Christmasworld 2023

Christmas is coming up. Well, not next month, but sooner or later. Are you ready for Christmas trends? Are you ready to get the trendiest Christmas tree in your neighbourhood?

The trade fair of Christmasworld in Frankfurt, is the largest fair focusing purely on Christmas. It is a great opportunity to see what Christmas will look like. I went to see what was new on the market.

Are trends important for Christmas?? Of course not. You can absolutely keep the ornaments you got last year. Or even make your own. But Christmas is a sparkly holiday and even minimalists tend to go over the top. More is more, and that is lovely. Also, we tend to treat ourselves. Only one (!!) new thing for the Christmas tree or window sill… And we tend to choose carefully, selecting things we think reflect ourselves or our lifestyle. That is why I say that our values can be seen in a Christmas tree. If you are very interested in arts, history and craft – then your tree will be filled with things like that. If you are into travel, golf or pets, then the tree will be filled with these things.

Below are things I see that stood out as new and with new values.

Trend 1 – lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is apparently important and among the behaviours in the tree, you could absolutely see gym equipment.


Craft, crochet and knitting is something we see is growing, so of course we see ornaments like that.

Gardening in general is growing, and of course in ornaments too. I saw a small shift towards more flowers (as in the florist shop) rather than vegetables.


Sustainability as a lifestyle is of course here. I found it super interesting to see the empty water bottles as Christmas ornaments. And of course the waste management santa.

Last observation was that the actual computer is leaving the tree. Previously I could see computers, mobile phones or other technical devices in the tree – but now no one wants that. Who wants to work from home at Christmas?

Trend 2 – diversity

Finally!!! A huge trend for Christmas is diversity. Not a day too soon. All colours are represented in the tree. All genders. And just a general awareness that everyone should be invited for Christmas.

A Santa with a little colour.

And also representation from Asia.

Young, children and a bit older.

It’s like everyone is trying to be better. If you dont want to show skin colour – make it a dog… 🙂 Everyone should be able to identify with ornaments.

And of course sexual orientation.

It’s like we all should live out our dreams. Even Santa has nipples.

Santa can be super strong, like a superhero.

Or super slim, like a preppy person from New York (or Paris).

Or whimsical. Is it Easter or Christmas?

Trend 3 – mushrooms

I will do three quick themes now. First mushrooms. We have already talked about it in various reports and yes – the mushroom is trending. Also for Christmas. It can be naturalistic or cartoon-y.

Trend 4 – bees

One of the surprising things I saw at Christmasworld was how more and more people started using bees as ornaments. I don’t see the logic in that straight away. Especially since there aren’t any bees around duing winter. They sleep… But perhaps it is a sustainable thing? In the beauty world people have been branding make up and lotions  as being “bee friendly”. And biodiversity is important. I THINK these bees represent that. But I am not really sure. But they are here…

Trend 5 – leaves

Another thing a bit “off season” are all these leaves. To me, it represents fall… But I saw a lot of ornaments as leaves.

And also as decoration in the actual tree. Instead of flowers, use leaves.

Trend 6 – trees in different materials

Speaking of leaves – I saw a lot of different Christmas trees in various materials. Here made of dried grass.


Trend 7 – colours

As expected we will most likely see more colours in the Christmas tree. We see that in general. These neon colours were maybe not so dominant but in general. More is more.

I absolutely saw more purple than usual.

Besides purple there was a lot of apricot. We have also talked about that before. 2024 will have apricot as “colour of the year” so plan for that already now.

It works well with green and here with more gold.

I think it looks good on this mitten with colours of green.

Even Santa is getting more rose gold or apricot.

And for the daring ones – spice it up with a bit of bright orange.

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