Milan 2023 – the colours, part two

We continue the reporting from Milan. Yesterday we talked about apricot and neuturals. Now it is time to look at more colours. Yellow, purple, green and pink.

Yesterday, you could read between the lines that I was surprised by the lack of colours. It was like all major and premium brands focused on whites and beige. That might be so. But this means that the young and energetic will go for bright colours.


Where to start? Perhaps with the Danes? The apartmend that goes under several names and brands in Brera. We have File under Pop, Muuto etc. The main colour here was yellow. Different versions of it. On the walls and on furniture. You could say that there is an emphasis on the electric yellow-green colour.

This kind of neon hue, was also at Alcova.

Almost like graffiti.

This summer yellow was also at Dedon.

Hampus Penttinen at Salone Satellite.

Studio Pepe at Sancal.


As I have already said, this use of yellow was common among the “alternative” and young designers. Here at Capsule exhibiton.

Katrin Greiling for Tecta.

Fornace Brioni

Less neon and more pure yellow. Here at Loewe.

Table at Nilufar Gallery.


What really stood out and felt really NEW was this dark yellow. Almost orange. Above picture from Hermes.

Side table at Van Rossum.

And here you really see the difference with the lighter, almost neon yellow together with this almost orange yellow. I think the chair was done by Sebastian Herkner for the brand La Manufacture.


Purple and the lilac hues were also big in Milan. Above table from Draga Aurel. And yes, plastic or glass tables are big. At Rossana Orlandi.

Another purple table at Rossana Orlandi.

Large 3D printed installation at Nilufar Gallery. By Audrey Large.

Swedish studio Notchi at Salone Satellite.

Glass vases but Spanish studio MUT.

Kateryna Sakolova for Tacchini.

And again from Capsule exhibition.

Purple but more red. Here the most talked about chair from the fair. Konstantin Grcic and Hella Jongerius for Magis.

The two above pictures from the Danes at File under Pop.

At Nilufar Gallery.

At Cassina.


Now lets talk about green. As mentioned yesterday, the olive green is completely gone. We do see some 80s green with apricot, but what I want to adress here is this minty, almost electric green. It is mainly in details. Here a mirror at Alcova.

Glass mirror by Barbini Specchi Veneziani.

The door posts at Gubi.

Works well with navy blue and orange. At Arper.

Again – there is some kind of electric feeling to this green. Here at Oskar Zieta.

At Zilio.

At Fermob.

At Salone Satellite. Manuel Leromain.


Last but not least – pink. Almost never on it’s own. Always together with other colours like green or apricot. Here at Glas Italia.

A cabinet at Nilufar Gallery.

Together with apricot at Teatro Albers.

Punk, apricot, green and white at Alcova.

More from Nilufar Gallery.

Pink glass by Laurids Gallee

At the dinner with Tableau that I talked about in the first report. Here a soft pink vase and baby blue orchids.

And last. This is perhaps not a great representation of pink but I really liked this chair by design studio Front for La Manufacture. Pink with black and red details. Looks a bit rockn’roll.

Oh, last last last comment. I didn’t want to bore you with too many images and colours but I just want to emphasize that there is a lot of navy blue. Not Klein Blue (or International blue), or baby blue or even Smurf blue. It is a proper 80s navy blue. Very often together with the colours I have already mentioned like apricot, dark yellow, minty green or even purple.

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