Konstfack – bachelors 2023

Looking at design graduates is important in my work. Here you find new talents, new thinking and also a way forward. This is simply the future. First out of the design schools in Stockholm is Konstfack.

There are two things I take from this generation – optimism or care. But first some critical comments.

Students and young talents should think free. I like when someone gets totally dedicated to a cause or subject. It might not be a topic or solution for me, but the whole concept of solving something important for that person is inspiring. Like how Rokko Bengts (will talk more about his work later) is dedicated to computer gaming and textile craft. Or how Frida Littorin (interior design) made a feminist nightclub with transgender solutions. Fun. Dedicated. Engaging.

But I miss supervision from teachers. There are so many errors that could have been discussed beforehand. I don’t want to give names. But for instance there was a design solution for new playgrounds. Super important. But the solution was to make small houses. And that means that kindergarten teachers won’t get an overview of the playgroud. Kids can bully eachother when they are out of sight. Or how one student wanted to replace the foam for upholstery for a more sustainable solution. That solution is already out there. Or how a student wanted to build houses from old houses. Also a topic that is much talked about. I just did a piece here. The topic is very complex and a teacher should see this and guide the student toward the right solution.

So, I miss critical reasoning from people in the industry before the launch. There is always supervision. And I want more.

Well, that was that. But this generation of students looks really promissing. What I bring from Konstfack is that we see a caring and engaging generation of students. They want us to get involved more.

This is a public water fountain by Kasper Nihlmark. It is a hand giving you water. I just like the gesture.

This is a public bike stand by Rebecka Arborelius. It has a stool to it so that the bike can meet a friend. Or park the bike and sit for a bit of rest. Or unload your bags on it. Just caring.

And again mentioned interior design concept for a feminst nightclub with transgenders. Everybody should dance. By Frida Littorin.

Emmy Walter made a bar concept so that we can interact more.

Someone named this the ugliest colour in the world. And this student worked with the aesthetic. Does “ugly” really have to be so ugly? To me this is part of the same kindness approach. Why hate? Lets be kind instead. By Ellen Jakobsson at textile department.

Sustainability is also a kind of kindness. Being kind to the world and all that. And Konstfack brought a generation that cares for the future and wants to make it nicer.

Jennie Leino at jewellry and precious metal department took trash and made into precious stones. Mindblowing and beautiful. Food waste, colour waste, cosmetics waste…

Also from jewellry department. Made of fish skins and scales. By Marianne Hellman.

Be kind to the bumble bees. Small cottages with a feature so that bumble bees can nest. By Rebecca Nilsson.

Or bat nest for facades. By Nora Linnros.

And finally packaging design inspirered by egg shells. Actually made partly of algea and eggs. By Rebecka Österlund.

By of course you also find amazing raw talent. Every year, there is someone who stands out a little bit extra. Bigger, better and with amazing craft skills. This year I am sure the star is Rokko Bengts at the textile department. Here he made a collection of his relationship to screens. You can see a tv screen, gaming screen – and in combination with excellent craft. Just beatiful and relevant.

Best of the students so far.

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[…] Every time I go to the schools for the graduation shows, I try to see if there is a change from previous years. Can you give this generation of designers and crafts people a “name”? Last year I called the graduates “kind”. It was a kind and caring generation. See my report from 2023 here. […]