Formex – fall 2023

Formex fall brought some new innovative ideas for the fair – and plenty of colours. Here is the Formex report.

The interior design fair Formex is a dominant platform in the Scandinavian region. At one point it was actually more important for local buyers than Maison&Objet. “Why go to Paris when I can find the same content in Stockholm?”

Things have changes since then. Retail has changed, as well as we had plenty of years with pandemic.

Formex fall 2023 was good. Better than in a long time. I found some new designers and more interesting products than in a long time. Finally. And we have been talking about colours coming in trend for a few years – and finally we don’t only see it at the trend exhibitions but actually with the brands too. Finally.

But are other fairs outgrowing Formex? I asked for official numbers. Formland had 422 exhibitors and just over 8 000 visitors. Formex had 393 exhibitors and almost 10 000 visitors. It’s not a big difference – but it used to be. Formex used to be the dominant fair on the Scandinavian market.

We will see how this develops. Formex still have some unique things. This year they started to flirt with vintage. Head picture is from vintage stand by Brandstationen. It is very interesting to see this section evolve.

Now, some trends.


The main trend installation brought a lot of purple. Strong, strong colours. Made by Lena Nyholm and Merry Mondays.

As mentioned, we have seen a lot of colours at the installations but now also with the brands exhibiting. Here by Sofie Sjöström.

Always colourful and bright. Brand previously known as AfroArt (now A World of Craft, since they work with more continents than just Africa). Colourful and now also making clothes.

Bright paper sculptures from Cartonic and Olsson & Lohaven.

Bright red at Born in Sweden

Bright orange and yellow at Maria Sterner

Brandstationen candles

Handpainted and handmade lamps by Made in GBG.

Not superbright but still a lot of purple. At Paradisverkstaden.

Colourful textiles at Forslundska Form.


As mentioned, it looks like Formex could be flirting more with vintage. And I like that. Top picture is from Brandstationen who brought vintage furniture and lamps. Above is Artandbottles that but together thrift shop glass, then colours it and make it into a lamp. We have seen it before but still very nice.

Newly produced but a clear vintage feeling. These spice racks were in almost every Swedish home in the 50-70s. With renovations of kitchens etc, we have thrown these out – but now you can get your own newly produced spice rack. I love it. By Ormesta Kryddhylla.

Mimou brought a cafe from Ronneby to Formex. Fun idea. But with that also some nice new pieces. Like these shag rugs. Made from collected vintage pieces, washed and made into pillows. Super interesting upcycle.

From Terrible Twins in Dalarna. They talked to a hotel about how to work closer. And the hotel said “we need to change all our curtains”. So Terrible Twins took the curtains and made it into wheatwarmers.

Also Madam Stoltz worked with vintage. Here two kinds of beautiful bowls. Vintage from Hungary.

Other nice things

Pieces that don’t necessarily fit into a larger trend. Here the paperlamps from Mimou. Loved how they envourage people to play with the product. Here Anna Starren added colour and stripes. Super beautiful.

I saw a lot of floral prints. Two first ones from Ceannis, then Olsson & Jensen and finally Miljögården.

Also interesting to see more and more furniture pieces at Formex. Here by Jakobsdal.

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