Stora Trenddagen 2019

For the eighth time Stora Trenddagen was executed. January 14 2019 in Stockholm. With 700 guests in Stockholm I entered the stage and layed out the trends for the coming season. I will post the trends in a separate post and just focus on the day of performance here.

Stora Trenddagen started as an initiative from my side. I wanted to invite press, designers, producers and the industry to talk about where I see where we are going. Over the years this has grown and with the large number of people, this has become the biggest trend event in Sweden. 700 people… It’s a lot…

This year we worked with Clarion Hotel Sign. Lots of space to make interactive happenings with coffee, photo ops or just hanging out.

I am avoiding goodie bags but I do make sure everyone gets the layout of the five trends I am talking about.

I initiated a contact with Nespresso because I really like their work with sustainability, so we had fresh coffee during the day.

Hornbach was one of the sponsors. They showed a new table that the guests could build themselves.

Hornbach was also a sponsor of the stage. The managed to build a fantastic setting together with stylists Maria Nordin and Jill Windahl.

Jill and Maria.

Hornbach also helped make nice angelwings. Here with Annika Wijkström.

Another team that also made activities was Clas Ohlson who introduced their fixers or handymen.

But Stora Trenddagen is all about 90 minutes with me on stage.

I do talk a lot with my hands…

Wondering about that incredibly small t-shirt? Well every year I want to wear something as a statement. This year is all about sustainability and I made a new t-shirt out of two worn and old ones. A whole new look. I just forgot about shrinkage…


We have mentioned sponsors, and this event could not be done without the help of these sponsors. I already mentioned Clarion Hotel Sign, Hornbach, Clas Ohlson and Nespresso, but equally imporant are Geberit, Svenssons i Lammhults, Alcro and Cosentino/Silestone

And of course I need to thank the PR agency Polhem that helped me manage this event. Thank you Frida, Sanna and Malin.

And here is a bunch of the people attending. I am missing a lot… for instance my Dad that refuses to be photographed… Maybe next time.

Anyway. Some of the guests of Stora Trenddagen 2019.



Finally – make sure to keep an eye open for Stora Trenddagen in Malmö in February. We are going on tour!!!


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