Four carpet trends for 2019

A new year. It is January and it is time for me to look a potential trends of 2020. Compared to reporting colleagues from design and interior fairs I am mainly interested in what is potentially coming. Not necessarily what is “now”, but the future. Most people will be reporting about how our interiors will be filled with terracotta, pink, coral and possibly yellow. Earthy hues. But I am more interested in what is coming after that.

Domotex has positioned itself as one of the largest fairs with focus on the floor. Here you find parquet, vinyl etc but of course rugs and carpets. I will be reporting on four things I saw – graphical details, orange or a 70s vibe, green/purple and transition.

Domotex is amazing. For me, I learn a lot. I get to learn about kelims, traditions, colour and so much more. Domotex is a school. But I also get to hang out with my friends. Since a year or so, I am part of a network with the most important people in social media and interior design. We are called The Domestics and meet every now and then.

Here are five of them – Agata from Passionshake (Poland/Italy), Desiree from Vosgesparis (the Netherlands), Mette from Monsterscircus (Denmark), Niki from Myscandinavianhome (Britain/Sweden) and Igor from Happy Interior Blog and Urban Jungle Bloggers (Austria/Germany). Missing is our lovely hostess Holly Becker (US/Germany) from Decor8.

Here is us again – constantly looking at our phone. Well, we are here to work… In the picture you also see blogger and rug expert The Ruggist (with glasses)

Before we start doing the trends, we can look at how colleague Holly managed to make a trend stand at Domotex.

What Holly did was to capture a very soft and intimate feeling. Imagine this actually being on contrete floors at a classical fair building. Soft, nice textures and playing with tone in tone. But lots of layers. A need to feel embraced in a harsh world.

But lets move to trends. 🙂

1. Graphical details.

I would say that the ikat or oriental inspirered patterns we have seen for a while is slowly moving out of the picture. We see less of that.

Instead we see various versions of artistics stripes.

Here carpets by Kristiina Lassus.

Few colours and we play with the contrats of black and white.

2. Orange

Orange is the new black – for sure. If there is one trend colour I would recomend for carpets it is orange. Everyone is using orange in one way or another.

But we actually see a lot of orange together with brown. Very 70s.

Speaking about the 70s. We are starting to see a lot of pure brown too. Like a ginger bread brown hue.

3. Green and pink

Perhaps not the most dominant colour combination on floors, but I could see it here and there. Pink and green.

Perhaps not as pink… but still a nice green by Rica Basagoiti.

More from the same company.

Rug by Claire Gaudion.

Slightly more purple than pink, but still the same colours.

Again, tweaking the colours a bit, but a bit of green and purple/pink by Hossein Rezvani.

4. Transitioning

Last but not least. Trend four. Do you remember a few years back when every carpet was a patchwork? Soon everyone will want to have a vintage torn rug. Or simply called “transitioning”. Eeeeeeeveryone is doing it. I would say this is the most common trend of all four. Just like the patchwork rugs where supposed to imitate how someone made patchworks of old carpets (noone really did…), this is supposed to imitate the vintage feeling with worn rugs.


My favourite??

There is some kind of newness to this carpet. By Rica Basagoiti. Love it.

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Peter Lantz
Peter Lantz
5 years ago


Highly appreciate to read your take on things, so here’s a tip: dhoku,com did make patchworks from genuinely old carpets, long before it became “fashion” (the Ethnicon line), I guess they were the original that was badly copied by so many. They’ve also been making “transitioning” for years and years, not sure if they were the first, but my best guess would be that they were. What’s next? I’d give them a buzz, ’cause I’m sure they’re already on it…

Enjoy life! / peter

5 years ago
Reply to  Peter Lantz

As far I remember it was “Bereket” rugs with the patchwork and #Jan Kath” with the transitioning style. For us both are allready trends from the past.
Happy Sunday
Yasmin from Muna Home

Claire Gaudion
5 years ago

Hello Stefan,
Great to meet you on the Domotex Blogger Tour! Thanks for visiting Claire Gaudion, and for featuring us on your blog. We’ve also blogged about the Domotex tour and feature your ‘Artistic Stripes’ trends – you can read here:
All the best for 2019!

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4 years ago

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