Heimtextil 2019

We are still in January but I have managed to do five fairs already. Running at fairs means I get behind on my posting of trends here. Trying to catch up… The first fair of the season is always Heimtextil in Frankfurt. With over 3000 exhibitors in all sorts of textiles (pillows, curtains, upholstery, bathroom…) and wallcovering (mainly wallpaper) this is a great opportunity to check where trends are going 2019 and also a hint of where we will go 2020.

So Heimtextil. Over 67 500 visitors this year. Slightly fewer compared to last year, but more exhibitors. A good fair. They do have the best trend exhibition on the world. Very worked through.

But let’s talk about what we saw. To summarize I saw a lot of texture, more texture than patterns. Weaving is hot, and so is orange, green and purple (however perhaps not use all three colours at the same time yet). Stripes and gingerbread brown might grow as trend. And finally monstera leaves are out.

Over the last years we have seen a sombre colour scheme. Very beige and toned down. We have talked about texture rather than patters. Linnen and the wrinkled materials…

This is still accurate. At the fair we saw a lot of beige as a base. And textures.

However most trendy colour combination for 2019 must be this: beige, maroon, pink, mustard yellow, misty grey and possibly brown. Here textiles.


Bed linnen


I have said before that we will see fewer patterns and more focus on the actual colours.  I stand by my word. Yes, fewer patterns and more of colour combinations.

Green has been dominant previously and is still very much seen.

Perhaps in combinations with purple. And yes – we are finally leaving the monstera leaves. Finally…


But yes, purple is hot.

An early sighting – I think we will se more of proper brown. Sort of a gingerbread brown.

Brown could come big.

But we need to talk about the colour of Heimtextil – orange. Everywhere. Here in a combination with grey.

Sometimes it could be more of “colour of the year” by Pantone, and that is coral.

But make it orange.


Another major feature for textiles – weaving. And it is kind of logical. If we are obsessed with texture and tactility then weaving is a good way to get that. And there was a LOT of sort of 70s texture.

These are the new wallpapers for Armani Casa. Hello 70s…

Weaving can be beige…

Not weaving but stiching. Also something I saw a lot of.

Final chapter. Stripes… As said before, and pretty obvious on the pictures above – patterns are out. However I do see an increasing use of stripes. Saw that in Paris during Maison & Objet as well, but that is for later…


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