Trends for Christmas 2019

Let’s continue our look at Christmas trends for 2019. In this section we will focus less on colours and more on content. Lifestyle is an obvious trend for our trees.

I am very fascinated by our relationship to Christmas and what we buy for our trees. It is like a manifest for what our dreams are, or what fills our contemporary world. First our – Frida Kahlo. Who would have thought we would get Frida Kahlo as a Christmas ornament, but I guess she represents a strong, colourful woman. And London museum V&A made a large exhibition on her. But also, I would say she is a result of metoo…

More from the metoo movement.

Contemporary lifestyle. Yes, this year Santa is doing yoga…

But more common are of course all these emojis we use in our everyday life. Soon in a Christmas tree near you…


Sad polarbears. I am amazed that Christmasworld doesn’t offer more sustainable solutions. If there were over 1000 exhibitiors, I only found a handful companies making sustainable versions. This is a Ukrainian company called Koza Dereza. They make ornaments of recycled paper with eco friendly paint.

If I would be serious and harsh – if this industry doesn’t adress our need for sustainable Christmas ornaments they will loose momentum and be a product we choose not to buy. If we 2019 had five companies doing sustainable products, next year I hope there will be 500 companies…

Continuing. Next chapter is about exotic animals. Over the last few years we have seen realistic animals and animlas associated with winter. There were polarfoxes, owls, deers, raindeers, hedgehogs, beers… This is now all changed for exotic animals. Last year’s trend with sloth or llama are still around. Exotic and far away from the natural surroundings in Europe.

But of course all sorts of unicorns.

Same thing with dinosaurs that are coming back.

But, we will see all kinds of exotic animals, in all colours and shapes. Like a zebra.

A cheeta (?)

A colourful crocodile.

But I dare name Christmas animal of 2019 to be – the swan.

Every producer of Christmas ornaments are making their version of the swan. It can be colourful, romantic, arty or slightly boring… But they are everywhere.

I think they represent some kind of romantic image. Not so royal (despite the crown) but perhaps how the ugly duckling grew up to be a swan. It’s kind of a ballerina romance to it.

So I guess Christmas 2019 will be romantic.



To end things… I met some shop owners who were at Christmasworld, and I had to ask “what do you see? what are you buying”. And they stated that they saw pigs as a new trend for 2019. And of course. The Chinese animal for 2019 is the pig, so perhaps we will see more of that…


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