Trend installation at Bo&Bygg

This weekend I have an installation at interior design fair Bo&Bygg. Here are some snapshots of it.

For this fair I did an interpretation of my five main trends of 2019.

First out is Witch Craft. This is a trend with lots of pink and purple, but also about breaking rules.

I even made my own monster out of things I could find.

Second trend is Evolving Elvis, the retro trend with lots of colours. Here I have used a lot of blue and playfulness.

As number three in this story I have Sustainable Sundays. Climate change and sustainability is on everyone’s mind. We want to buy less and grow our own vegetables.

Trend four is Africa Activism where we look at green, darker woods and tropical references like monstera leaves.

And finally Resting Neutrals, a trend with lighter colours, ceramics, textiles and plenty of tactile references.

All products come from Hornbach.

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