The most sustainable Christmas tree 2019

Merry Christmas. Well, quite soon anyway. A few weeks ago I was asked to do “Christmas Tree of the Year” again. As a huge Christmas lover, I took this challenge and made my version of Christmas 2019 – and it is super sustainable.

Last year I was asked by flower shop Plantagen to do a Christmas tree that contained the zeitgeist. 2018 was all about breaking rules and finding new formats of hanging out with your loved ones. See pictures here.

This year I was asked again and this time I totally believe our holidays are spend with a sustainability focus. So Christmas Tree of 2019 is so sustainable that after the season you could just throw the whole thing on the compost.

The tree it self is Krav-branded and everything in the tree can be thrown on the compost except for the Christmas lights and the plastic flower pots. But is quite pretty – isn’t it?

Christmas spirit with beagle Ellie at the summer house, an hour north of Stockholm.

Working on the tree is was a challange. I had to think about how to fill a tree with things that can go on a compost. I wanted to find fruits, berries and flowers that were nice and impressive. You can of course have bulb flowers like tulips, or even better amaryllis. There are tons of beautiful red flowers that can last a few days or a week in a Christmas tree.

This is actually how I live at my house on the country side. A fire, a cute dog and just out of the picture – a nice glass of red wine…

And we made a long, long garland of rose hips. It was so easy and so nice looking.

I even went to the woods and found moss (or lichen) to make balls.

And of course red apples. Fresh from the apple tree.

Oh, I did not make the hay ornaments, even though I am sure you could. But hay works also well in the compost.

Poinsettia flowes too. Make sure to take away the plastic flower pot when throwing on the compost.

Next to the fire place I had places some tulips on bulbs and they actually last over a festive moment. Then straight to the compost.

Me being concentrated and very DIY-ish.

All pictures by Plantagen.

Merry Christmas. And next year we will look into a whole new tree… 🙂

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4 years ago

I do like when you are thinking/ ideas to make a the whole christmas tree with the decorations and all, for the Compost.
And it is a beautiful christmas tree you have done. I love it!

Karin schaefer
4 years ago

Härligt att se dig i göra-själv tagen!