Last weekend I got to visit Dublin again. I have been here a few times and every time it’s like coming home with all these redheads. I love Dublin. Really.

Here is a link from when I was there 2016 and 2012.

This time I had no real design agenda. I basically just wanted to go here and sit by a fireplace and have a beer or a Irish coffee.

And this is a great city for just hanging out.

Beautiful buildings

And Dublin is very walkable. You can easily just walk to any destination.

And look at the doors. There is even a sightseeing tour with the most beautiful doors of Dublin.

A mandatory stop at Trinity College.

And of course a stop by the breweries and destilleries.

At the beginning of the millenium there were four whiskey destilleries in Ireland. Today there are 28 or 29. One of the newest ones is Roe & Co.

Sampling and touring.

But Dublin is really about just chilling, hanging out and having a drink. Very relaxing.


Dublin has an amazing food scene, so if you go here – make sure you check out where to get the best fish’n’chips.

This trip was not about shopping. More about fireplace and hanging out. But we did pass by some favourites.

Like Article, Designista, etc, etc.

It is always interesting to see how social behaviour is changing depending on country. Here is one of the bridges over Liffey where people leave winter jackets for people in need. You can just take one. If you are in need, that is.

We did a bit of art. Visited Hugh Lane.

The have an interesting collection with Francis Bacon who is English but lived in Dublin for a while.

Bacon’s studio is moved to the museum.

One work thing… I managed to catch up with Irish super design studio Superfolk and do an interview for Design & Dessert.

And of course ending off with an Irish coffee.

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