Paperworld 2020

Continuing my reports from the January fairs. Here are some insights from Paperworld, the fair about stationary, notebooks and also a bit of graphic design.

If you start by looking at colours, you note that the hues are blue, green and red. Perhaps a more adult and masculine tone?

The electric blue we see in details in interior design is also here.

As we have seen in textiles and wallpaper we se a lot of animals in the graphic design.

And of course animal of the year – the toucan.

And flowers are big. I would say that these large flowers are different from the Dutch baroque flowers we have seen previously. It’s more play with colours and you see orange clearly.

Large flowers and play with colours.

A quick comments. Cute and exotic. You dont see European anumals (well perhaps the fox) but more of pandas and llamas etc.

Speaking of animals – yes, I am pretty sure we will see more animal prints in the stationary industry just as we have seen it at Christmasworld and in Paris.

But if you are in the paper industry and want to make notebooks or greeting cards – make it contain words. There are words and saying EVERYWHERE. There are no same sayings so just play with words. Apparently everything works.

It can have graphic design – or be just plain…


A future reference for these words should be that they are handwritten. These all come from the section at the fair called Creativeworld.  I read an article about the influence from Greta Thunberg in design. And her handwritten poster with “Skolstrejk för klimatet” could be influential. Handwritten means protest and young.



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