Formland 2020 – sustainability

Continuing my reports from all the fairs I attend. As mentioned – I will do a trend report from each fair and also a sustainable report. Basically looking at how this section of the industry is addressing sustainability. Here is Formland 2020.

Formland is doing extremely well. Or at least their exhibitors. The fair is a mixture of all kinds of interior objects and as mentioned before, the section that handles sustainability best is the textile industry. They have been forced to new thinking early on and handle it well with recycle, upcycle and new materials. And more importantly also communication.

At Formland you find large players like Eva Solo visualising their work. Here for instance a bottle made of collected pet bottles from the sea or at least the shores. This we have seen before but good work and clear communication.

And they suprise me with a new collection of kitchen utensils where they reduce plastics and add waste for wheat or flour production. Smart.

Also Danish brand Hübsch is addressing sustainabililty by promoting their new Ecocert products.

But to me Formland is about finding young entrepreneurs that produce new products. Previously I have met entrepreneurs that make face scrubs out of coffee grind. Here is a new find – Twisted Leaf. Coffee beans grow in trees and only the bean is taken care of. Farmers cut leafs to make the tree make more and better beans. What to do with the leaves? Now a Danish company is making a beverage out of these wasted leaves. The farmers make double the profit and the waste is made into a new product. So cleaver. Love it.

Here is a modeling clay that is organic. A typical find at Formland.

Here a company that can help you produce sustainable stuff with a local twist. Hjem Havn.

Speakers made in a more sustainable way.


And then of course you have strong players like Lübech Living who is driving and pushing the industry to find better solutions for interior objects. The work with factories that have solar energy, sustainable materials, handle waste, fair work etc, etc. I would say that Lubech Living is possibly the most sustainable brand we have in Scandinavia.

Pictures below from their new collections.

So summary. Formland handles sustainability extremely well. Here you find new entrepreneurs, new ideas and new ways of sustainable living. But this is also where large brands flex their muscle. I still miss kind of an inspirational exhibition with sustainability. The best products gathered in one installation or project. But overall I would give Formland a 10 out of 10.

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Susanne Lübech
4 years ago

Thank you Stefan. Always so glad for you visits.